Technical Analysis / Mistras Olive Oil

MultiChrom laboratories - CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS # 33032

CUSTOMER: Mistra Estates Ladopoulos

Sample data: Lot 2011.1

Date: 15-February -2011

Oil type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Absorbance in UV
Acidity % 0.40 (M 0.80)
k270: - 0.112 (M 0.220)
k232: - 1.760 (M 2.50)
Delta-K: - -0.003 (M 0.010)
Peroxide Value (meq 02/kg) 5.9 (M 20.0)

Halogenated Volatile Solvents  (mg/kg)

ppb		not detected		(M 0.2)

Hermes-Dimarakis Olive Oil Enterprises is based at Hermione and is located at the eastern coast of Peloponnese. The company specializes in packaging and marketing Extra Virgin Olive Oils, and specifically produces:

  1. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Product and USDA Approved ORGANIC (NOP) ** PLUS "Protected Designation of Origin AUTHENTIKON" produced from olives of the much celebrated "MANAKI" variety.
  2. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Product of Organic Farming - "Hermes-Dimarakis" ** from selected Peloponnesian organic farming olive groves.
  3. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protected Designation of Origin "KALLISTON" ** produced from olives of the much celebrated "MANAKI" variety.

** Regulation 2092/91 of the EEC

The region's most excellent soil (sandy-clay-loam-soil) type and the implementation of biological antiseptic methods as well as the procedure of the upgraded olive fruit, being succored by cold pressing at the mill and stored in stainless tanks, constitute integral parts of the production of the olive oil. All these methods ensure a product of fine quality, exceptional taste and flavor, preserving all the rich ingredients of the olive fruit.

The total cultivated area of 38,000 acres contains 450,000 olive trees with an annual production of about 1.2 tons per tree. 1,150 acres of the above containing 14,000 olive trees, are organically cultivated with an annual production estimated to be in the 2000-2001 season of approximately 120 tons.