Celebrating 21 Years of Quality

Vasilios Contis at a supermarket tasting

Vasilios Contis holding an olive oil tasting at the Richmond
Holiday Market, December 2014

In January, Elaioladon-Contis Imports turned twenty-one. In 2001, Vasilios Contis launched the Jericho-based company in an effort to bring the best extra virgin olive oil of his native Greece to the US. Contis stands behind his products 100%. He says, “The quality of my product has been consistent for the last twenty years. In other words - it’s the best olive oil available in the world today.”

Good olive oil is a science, depending on soil, olive varieties and farmer’s tender care of their trees. The olives are always picked by hand. Contis explains, “You can see the difference in the greenish hue of the oil and its fresh olive aroma. Each variety of olive has a different taste.”

In 2005 the family business expanded, as Elaioladon-Contis Imports began importing India’s highest quality Black Tellicherry Pepper. The Malabar Pepper Company’s select large peppercorns add a flavourful fire to any dish.

Today, Elaioladon-Contis Imports stocks co-ops and food shops throughout the Northeast with the pepper and three types of oil (organic, non-organic and unfiltered). It has over 30 Vermont retail points. The company also provides online sales to individuals throughout the US.

Contis recalls how it all started, with olive oil tastings at stores. The feedback was instantaneous, “People were amazed with the way the olive oil tasted.” They would often ask, “Is this really olive oil?” and Contis would answer, “Yes! It’s the real thing.” The company is proud to include Sante magazine’s food panel among its many fans.

In 2010, we added a full line of olives and olive paste to our products. Elaioladon-Contis Imports thanks its customers for their continued support and assures them that its prices will continue to be affordable in these cost-cutting times.